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The company was founded in 2015 inConegliano, historic city of wine, which in recent years has become, together with Valdobbiadene, a sparkling wine center and symbol of Prosecco. In fact it is here that this wine was born, today it has become the most sold in the world. It is therefore halfway between the Dolomites and Venice, thus enjoying a windy climate that helps the cultivation of the vine.

The idea of the company comes from the will to doan agriculture sustainable, respecting the environment, using the system of integrated production, weeding mechanically and not chemically, and minimizing water consumption thanks to precision systems.

The lands that make up the company surface, all adjacent to rivers, have silty characteristics, thus giving the earth a rich mixture that gives important nutrients to the vines.

They are divided into three different blocks: the first block, planted in 2016, is adjacent to the Monticano river in the municipality of Conegliano. It is a loamy soil, free of stones, and rich in nutrients. Here are 5 hectares ofChardonnay and 2 ofPinot Grigio.

The second plot is always in the municipality of Conegliano, and is a historic park called "Roggia dei Molini". This is a historic area, where the spinning mill for the production of silk was located in the early 1900s. Today it has become a natural habitat for several animals, which coexist with the vineyard. Here are 6 hectares ofProsecco and 2.5 of Pinot Grigio

The third land, on the other hand, is in Concordia Sagittaria, in an area where there is unspoiled nature. The earth here has a completely different mixture from Conegliano, as it is more clayey. The main feature here is the wind, thanks to the total absence of natural barriers and the proximity to the sea. Here are 16 hectares of Pinot Grigio and 1 ofPinot Noir.

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