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Sparkling White Wine - Vegan Wine - Case x6 bt.

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Fine and elegant brut sparkling wine, with a dry taste. The nose has notes of green apple and floral. Suitable for a moment of relaxation at the end of the day or for a fresh aperitif.

-Vegan: not being treated with substances of animal origin it is suitable for consumption for vegans.

-Fresh: the low alcohol content and the dry taste make this wine a light and accessible product to drink.

-Lively: product with a persistent taste, thanks to the marked acidity and persistent perlage.



- for logistical reasons it is not possible to buy single bottles, but only boxes of 6 bottles;

- shipping costs are 9.70 euros, except in Sicily, Sardinia and Calabria. For more information, see the section dedicated toshipments;

- it is possible to return the bottles that have not been opened and get a full refund. For more information, see our section dedicated toreturns.

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Typology: Sparkling wine

Organic: No

Vegan: Yes

Variety: White berried grapes from Veneto

Alcohol: 12%

Sugar: 10 gr / lt

Production area: Veneto

Color: straw yellow

Nose: floral notes, lemon, fruit

Palate: fresh, dry

Serving temperature: 6/8 C C

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Riccardo Lattuada

Vino Bianco Spumante - Vino Vegano - Cassa x6 bt.

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